Fatek PLC FBs Series



Powerful Communication Features

The five communication ports in FBs-PLC can simultaneously connect to various intelligent peripherals with various interfaces such as USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, CANopen® and ZigBee™. Apart from the FATEK and Modbus protocol or communication through the FATEK communication server, the user can also use the PLC’s CLINK instruction for user-defined protocol to actively or passively establish connections with many intelligent peripherals.

The FBsPLC also provides a FBs-DAP or FBs- PEP simple HMI which can be linked together with a single RS485 Bus. The FBs-DAP or FBs-PEP can be a simple Timer/Counter editor or it can also be used as a simple human machine interface through the function of user definable keys and message display. The FBs-DAP or FBs-PEP can be equipped with a wireless RFID sensing module and can be applied to such applications as entrance control, parking equipment and elevator control amongst others.


User Manual:

User Manual



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