FBs-B2C is a Bluetooth to RS232 wireless
data communication converter which is
dedicated designed for FATEK PLC port0
usage. With this wireless converter, user can
make a free unbounded connection to the
FATEK PLC. The cool part of B2C is it can
automatically detect the connection speed
and station number of connected PLC that
makes the plug and play operation feasible.
When equip with the notebook, it is
especially suited for programming task that
has no permanent connection to PLC.

Complied Bluetooth standard – V2.0
Radio power –2.5mW(Class 2)
Radio coverage- 10M(Line of sight condition)
Attached PLC port- port0
PLC baud rate sync. – Auto sync., no DIP switch
PLC link speed – 115200. Changes to this speed after
synchronizes with PLC. Restore the PLC
to original baud rate automatically when
the connection is closed.
IndicatorsLINK – Bind state of Bluetooth, will be fast flashed
when corresponding PC com port is opened
by application program, will be slow flashed
when the com port is closed.
RX- Receiving indicator. It will be lighted when
PLC receives the signal.
TX- Transmitting indicator. It will be lighted when
PLC is transmitting the signal.
PIN code setup – default to 5678, can be controlled by
register content.
Power consumption- 5V, 35mA
Operating temperature- 0 ~ 60 ℃
Storage temperature- -20 ~ 80 ℃
Dimension- 18.3(W)x41.3(H)x26.6(D) mm (with plug)
18.3(W)x41.3(H)x8.1(D) mm (without plug)


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